Ask your child about the 60 Second Fix

At Colt Elementary, we are working on ways to calm our body and help our minds focus in the classroom. We have implemented the 60 Second Fix as a strategy! We are using this across the campus in every classroom and even in the gym for morning assembly! Please ask your child about it! 


60 Second Fix

1. Feet

Place your feet flat to the ground firmly. Imagine your feet are in wet sand .  

2. Support

Feel the support of what you are sitting on with your feet flat to the ground. Feel the weight of your body sink down.

3. Breathe

Breathe through your nose in deep, calming breaths.

4. Visualize

Visualize a soothing nature scene that brings you calmness.

5. Notice

Notice what is happening inside your body.

Helpful vs. Hurtful