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National Award for Marble Falls High School Yearbook Photographer!

Every year, Marble Falls High School Yearbook Teacher, Wayne Grumet, opens up his classroom to creative-minded and talented students full of ideas. His group of yearbook students help create something different, exciting, and memorable each year for students to look back on their days as a Mustang. As with every teacher, there are always students that stand out for one reason or another. This year is no different for Mr. Grumet.

Quill & Scroll, the International Honor Society for High School Journalists, has existed since 1926. It draws entries in its Yearbook Excellence Contest from yearbook publishers around the world. Mr. Grumet submitted entries from his students to Quill & Scroll in many different categories. This year, Senior Yearbook photographer, Nikki Turquia won a Quill & Scroll National Photography Award.

Nikki’s entry was submitted into the Sports Action category, the same category that Kyra Starnes won an Honorable Mention for last year. “Nikki was overjoyed. She has been a staff photographer for the past two years. Her commitment and passion has helped her develop into a skilled and creative photographer”, Mr. Grumet said. He went on to say, “I am so proud of Nikki for earning this prestigious honor. Be sure to check out her latest work in our new yearbook in May.”

Quill & Scroll had a total of 179 winners out of all entries submitted nationwide. Nikki was among six winners in her category and the only winner for Marble Falls this year. Nikki is also applying for one of the Journalism Scholarships that Quill & Scroll offers to their winners.

“I’m very proud of all of my Yearbook students. Two years of sold-out yearbooks and two national photography awards in those two years.” Mr. Grumet said. He as well as the district are very proud of what his students produce each year for the yearbook and the national recognition just shows what a great job we are doing here in Marble Falls.

Congratulations Nikki!

Winning Photo

Shelby Gordon