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Emma Turner wins Kidventor Challenge 2018

Emma Turner, Spicewood Elementary School 4th grader, has won the Fat Brain Toys’ invention contest for kids called the Kidventor Challenge for 2018.   The Kidventor Challenge invites children in first through sixth grade to submit toy or game ideas for the chance to have their concept sold around the world. The toy Emma invented called “The Buggy Light”, will be manufactured by Fat Brain Toys and sold internationally. In addition, Emma will receive a $2,500 scholarship, a license agreement that offers ongoing royalties, and a prize pack from Fat Brain Toys. 

As one might imagine, Emma’s parents are also beaming with pride. Kalli Turner, Emma’s mom, shared, “We knew she had a great idea, but it is pretty special to see others recognize her creativity, and make it a reality.”

Matt Turner added, “It is amazing to watch her brain work.  She is always saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if”, and now it is happening.” 

Emma possesses unusual creativity and industriousness that has made her entire community proud. “We are excited to see what our kids can do when placed in an environment that frees their imagination and encourages their creativity. There is no doubt that Emma is an especially gifted student, and I believe her success will encourage all of our young people to explore the full range of their uniquely powerful abilities”, said Dr. Chris Allen, the Marble Falls ISD Superintendent. Emma created her toy as part of her learning experience in Spicewood Elementary School’s MakerSpace. This space allows students to maximize their talent in an environment designed to foster and encourage creativity. The MakerSpace was one of the grants funded by the Marble Falls Education Foundation in 2018.

Emma Turner

Shelby Gordon