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With the City of Marble Falls under a boil water advisory, Marble Falls ISD has worked tirelessly to make sure that every student at the affected campuses have plenty of bottled water available to them. Several local organizations have come to our aide and donated hundreds of cases of water to each of our campuses. Marble Falls HEB and First Baptist Church Marble Falls quickly came forward to offer their help. With more donations coming in faster than we can distribute, we are humbled by the call to action of our amazing community and citizens.


Not knowing how long the boil water notice will be in effect, we are also making sure that all of our athletes and fine arts students are well hydrated. C-Force, a water distribution company owned by Chuck and Gena Norris, graciously donated nearly 3500 bottles of water today which will be used by the MFISD extracurricular departments. Once C-Force knew of the need that our district had, they went right to work making sure that we were taken care of. This morning, a delivery truck left Navasota, TX and headed straight to the High School, where many were waiting to unload the pallets of water.

Thank you!

Without the help of C-Force, Marble Falls HEB, First Baptist Church Marble Falls and many others, it would have been difficult to provide this amount of water so quickly to our district.  Our thanks and gratitude for the generous donations by these organizations is unmeasurable. Our community has suffered a great deal and this is one of many examples of how we come together to support those in need.

Again, we thank everyone who has helped bring support and aide to our district.

Shelby Gordon