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Marble Falls Education Foundation Awards $122,836 in Grants to Support Innovative Teaching

Marble Falls Education Foundation Awards $122,836 in Grants to Support Innovative Teaching


The Marble Falls Education Foundation (MFEF) proudly announces the awarding of 36 grants totaling $122,836 to teachers and staff of Marble Falls Independent School District (MFISD) through its renowned Grants 4 Great Ideas program.


Since its inception in 2018, Grants 4 Great Ideas has been a beacon of innovation, fostering creativity among educators to enhance the learning experience for students. Over the years, MFEF has awarded over $531,000 to teachers and staff, empowering them to implement groundbreaking initiatives within MFISD.


"Grants 4 Great Ideas challenges teachers to think big and innovate in ways that truly engage students, propelling them toward success," said Jeanna Jette, Executive Director of the Marble Falls Education Foundation. "It's inspiring to witness the dedication of educators who go above and beyond to ensure the success and development of their students."


Among the diverse range of projects funded this year, several standout initiatives promise to make a significant impact on student learning:


Expanding Educational Excellence Led by middle school science teacher and district secondary teacher of the year, Dan Haggart, this grant will support innovative approaches to make science more accessible and engaging for students. By incorporating tactile science devices like wave demonstrators and plastic arm models, along with modern tools like digital cameras for microscope viewing and a doppler effect kit, students will have hands-on experiences that deepen their understanding of scientific principles. The inclusion of a Sun Earth Moon Planetarium is particularly exciting, as it can bring astronomy concepts to life inside the classroom. This initiative not only fosters learning, but also cultivates a love for science among students.


Falls Career High School Coffee Shop This initiative, led by Pam Pond, will enable students to engage in running a business, fostering critical thinking, math, economics, and problem-solving skills that are applicable to real-world job readiness and business development. Additional benefits will include team-building, leadership, and critical thinking skills development. The real measure of success will be in Social Emotional Learning benefits; the student relationships formed, confidence gained, and a sense of belonging and community.


Uncommon and Odd in the Art Room Marble Falls High School art teachers, Kim Thomas and Arturo Garcia, plan to use grant funds to purchase objects and creatures for in-person exploration and study, allowing students to qualify for more UIL competitions as this is a requirement for submission. There is a different, deeper understanding of objects and creatures that occurs when the eye is able to study, touch, feel, get close, move back in person. These educators will use taxidermy animals in the art room for students to study the anatomy, fur, feathers, and other qualities of the animal for their artworks.


"These grants will not only enrich classroom experiences but also inspire lifelong learning among our students," emphasized Ms. Jette. "They align perfectly with the Education Foundation's mission to support innovative programs within Marble Falls ISD."


Grants 4 Great Ideas exemplifies Marble Falls Education Foundation’s commitment to generating and distributing resources directly into MFISD classrooms, driving excellence in education and ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive.


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