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Marble Falls ISD Highlights Outstanding Achievements of Students and Staff

Marble Falls ISD Highlights Outstanding Achievements of Students and Staff


In the month of January, Marble Falls ISD applauded students and staff for exceptional successes seen across the district.


Superintendent’s Award

Stacy Lashbrook, Assistant Principal at Highland Lakes Elementary School, proudly honored Hayden Osti and Paola Bolanes with the Superintendent's Award for their exceptional academic achievements and exemplary character. Hayden's constant eagerness to learn, coupled with his integrity and inclusiveness, creates a positive and welcoming environment for his peers. Paola's passion for learning, combined with her dedication and kindness, makes her a standout student and a compassionate presence within the school community. Congratulations to Hayden and Paola for this well-deserved recognition.


Superintendent Dr. Jeff Gasaway shared, “We are incredibly proud of these young scholars who demonstrate a commitment to their studies and exemplary engagement within their school community. We look forward to seeing them grow in continued success during their years in Marble Falls ISD and beyond.”


Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award

Joseline Yanez's outstanding contributions and positive impact at Highland Lakes Elementary have earned her the well-deserved GEM (Going the Extra Mile) award. Across various grade levels and roles, Ms. Yanez consistently displays a professional and caring demeanor. She not only sets high expectations for students but also motivates and inspires them to excel academically. Her contagious smile, positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond make her a beloved figure among both students and staff. Ms. Yanez's versatility is evident as she seamlessly supports classrooms, addresses student needs, and collaborates with teachers. Her dedication, kindness, and leadership qualities make her an invaluable asset to the HLES community.


Marble Falls High School Choir

Seven of our MFHS students were selected for the Texas Music Educators Association Small School All -State Choir through a rigorous audition process.  This accomplishment is unprecedented in school history; there were only sixteen students in our entire region (comprised of 1A to 4A schools) selected to participate in the All-State Choir, and seven are from Marble Falls.


These exceptional students will perform at the Texas Music Educators Association annual conference on Saturday, February 10th.


Please join us in congratulating the following All-State Choir students on this phenomenal success:

Hudson Brantley, 4th Chair Bass, Freshman

Ella Bray, 3rd Chair Soprano, Junior

Nick Dahl, 1st Chair Tenor, Senior

Jennie Lynn Gage, 4th Chair Alto, Freshman

Hunter Holder, 2nd Chair Tenor, Sophomore

Jade Maynard, 1st Chair Alto, Senior

Bella Salinas, 2nd Chair Soprano, Senior


Spotlight on Excellence Award

District Social Worker Kaitlin Puckett's outstanding dedication and remarkable achievements have earned her the prestigious Spotlight on Excellence Award.


Jeanna Jette, Executive Director of the Marble Falls Education Foundation said, ”With a perfect blend of grace and strength, Kaitlin navigates through challenging circumstances with unparalleled empathy for students, families, and situations. Her readiness to tackle unpredictable days with unwavering preparedness and assistance is commendable. Kaitlin's profound ability to build strong relationships with families and connect them with essential resources reflects her commitment to improving lives. Through her collaborations with community organizations and state agencies, she has significantly enhanced the support system for our families in need. Kaitlin's involvement in various projects, such as the Angel Tree initiative, has expanded outreach efforts, benefitting numerous students and families. Her innovative ideas, including strategies to involve parents more actively, have revolutionized the outreach process. Observing Kaitlin in action is akin to witnessing a masterclass in dignity, empathy, and grace, inspiring others to emulate her example. These exceptional qualities make Kaitlin a deserving recipient of the Spotlight on Excellence Award, reflecting her profound impact on the MFISD community.”


These sentiments are supported by School Board President Kevin Naumann who said, “It is an honor to work beside you, and this is so well-deserved.”


Spotlight on Engagement Award

The Spotlight on Engagement Award celebrates an extraordinary teacher whose influence has profoundly touched both students and fellow teachers, a remarkable achievement made even more impressive as this recipient is a first-year educator. Ms. Cheryl Whittaker from Colt Elementary has cultivated an environment where students actively participate in shaping their learning experiences, demonstrating a willingness to embrace innovation and take educational risks.


As stated by her principal, Mrs. Fletcher, “Ms. Whittaker is a rockstar 4th grade teacher at Colt Elementary. She takes learning to the next level as she collaborates with her team to develop student-centered lessons. Learners in her classroom consistently interact with one another to justify their thinking as they ask and answer questions that deepen their understanding. Mrs. Whittaker also develops students’ character by listening to their stories and creating space so all students listen and learn from one another.”


Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Yarda Leflet said, “We are all excited for the future and all of the good we will be able to witness from Ms. Whittaker’s classroom.”

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of both our students and staff in Marble Falls ISD, we are reminded of the collective dedication, talent, and resilience that define our educational community. From academic excellence to exemplary leadership and service, each accomplishment represents a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence that permeates every corner of our district. As we look to the future, we are inspired by the continued growth and success of our students and staff, knowing that together, we will continue to strive for greatness and make a positive impact in the lives of all who call Marble Falls ISD home.