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Marble Falls ISD Proudly Commends Students and Staff for Exceptional Achievements

December 21, 2023

Marble Falls ISD Proudly Commends Students and Staff for Exceptional Achievements

Marble Falls Independent School District is proud to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievements of its students and staff, showcasing the dedication, talent, and excellence that are emblematic of the district.

Kambell Stewart, a senior Future Farmers of America (FFA) member, has etched her name into Marble Falls ISD history through her outstanding performance in the Leadership Development Event (LDE) contest season. Competing in Job Interview and Senior Creed, Kambell not only advanced out of our district and area to state-level competition, but also excelled, securing the 2nd place in the state for Job Interview and 7th place for Senior Creed. Her achievements mark a significant milestone for Marble Falls ISD FFA in reaching such high levels in state competitions.

Colt Elementary is proud to have two Superintendent's award recipients, Juli Coreas and Evan Kaspar. Juli, a shining example of quiet leadership, is a member of the Safety Patrol and serves as a Colt 212 Ambassador. Teachers and peers alike commend her for her determination, kindness, and maturity, with students praising her for making a positive impact on their lives.

Evan Kaspar, another Superintendent's award recipient from Colt Elementary, is described as having the kindest heart while leading by example. As a Safety Patrol member and 212 Colt Ambassador, Evan's character, intelligence, and compassion have earned him the admiration of both teachers and peers.

Colt art teacher Sara Tinker, honored with the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award, embodies the school motto of putting in an extra degree of effort every single day, making a significant impact on students and staff. Colleagues praise Sara for her dedication to students and their learning, continuously seeking new strategies to engage her students and create a rewarding experience for each of them. Ms. Tinker’s commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment has not gone unnoticed, and she is recognized for her transformative impact on MFISD Mustangs.

Jenni Mattox, honored with the Spotlight on Excellence Award, is celebrated for her exceptional contributions to Marble Falls ISD. As a Speech Language Pathologist, Jenni goes above and beyond to help students on all seven campuses in the district. She extends her support to all teachers, guiding them even if their students are not on her caseload. Outside of school, Jenni coaches team sports, ensuring that students can participate who may otherwise face challenges. Her commitment to the well-being of students and her collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset to the Marble Falls ISD community.

Shannon Gage, awarded the Spotlight on Engagement, is celebrated for her outstanding contributions to Marble Falls Middle School. Colleagues and administrators commend Shannon for her growth mindset, commitment to student success, and innovative teaching methods. Her dedication to building lessons that inspire and engage all learners sets a remarkable standard, pushing students toward daily class goals with an understanding that they can achieve mastery. Shannon's application of instructional techniques, such as those offered by renowned mathematics educator Peter Liljedahl, has resulted in her students scoring among the highest in the district, regardless of their background. Shannon Gage's continuous pursuit of excellence and commitment to student achievement make her a valuable asset to Marble Falls Middle School.

Dr. Jeff Gasaway, Superintendent of Marble Falls ISD, expressed his deep admiration for the outstanding accomplishments of Kambell Stewart, Juli Coreas, Evan Kaspar, Sara Tinker, Jenni Mattox, and Shannon Gage. He remarked, "These individuals embody the very essence of Marble Falls ISD, creating an atmosphere characterized by excellence, engagement, and innovation. In every facet of their daily activities, we witness them bring to life the district's vision – to love and inspire others. Their remarkable dedication and achievements stand as a shining example for all of us to emulate. We are privileged to have them as integral members of our school community, setting a standard that inspires us all."

Marble Falls ISD congratulates all the students and staff mentioned for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the school district.