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2023-2024 Mustang Ambassadors recognized

The 2023 Mustang Ambassadors were announced just before kickoff at the Homecoming football game on Friday, September 22. Mustang Ambassadors are graduates from Marble Falls ISD who have given back to the Marble Falls community since graduation.


Barry Greer graduated from Marble Falls High School in 1995 and earned a degree from Pennsylvania State University.  Mr. Greer retired from Marble Falls Police Department as a Detective Sergeant and currently works as a Sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Division at the Texas Attorney General’s office. Mr. Greer has been married to his wife, Amber, for nineteen years. He has two daughters, Kerstin and Jenna, and two grandchildren, Mateo and Elliana. When asked his favorite thing about Marble Falls ISD, Mr. Greer said he appreciates “the emphasis that is placed on preparing our kids for the real world by promoting CTE options for those who may not wish to pursue a college degree.”


Mark Mayfield graduated from Marble Falls High School in 1975 and earned a degree from Texas State University. After returning to Marble Falls following his undergraduate education, Mr. Mayfield began his career at the Texas Housing Foundation where he still serves as CEO. In 1983, Mr. Mayfield married Jana Beaird. Their children, Seth and Hannah, both graduated from Marble Falls High School and Texas Tech University. Mr. Mayfield is the proud grandfather of four boys. Mr. Mayfield said, “My favorite thing about MFISD is the lifetime of friends and memories that remain so vivid in my mind- my coaches, teachers, etc. My children and I even shared the same teachers. I still remain very close to my classmates who have made Marble Falls their home.”


Gina Solorzano graduated from Marble Falls High School in 2009. She graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2013. After graduation, Ms. Solorzano worked in a hospital HR department. In March of 2017, Ms. Solorzano was hired as the administrative assistant to the transportation director at Marble Falls ISD. Earning a promotion in 2018 and again in 2019, Ms. Solorzano is now the director of transportation for MFISD. As a child, Ms. Solorzano was a “Mustang Baby”; she spent countless hours on every MFISD campus as her mom, Mary Solorzano, served the district for over 32 years. Her family owns several businesses in the area and they all love giving back to their Hill Country community. Ms. Solorzano and her husband, Tommy Garcia, share three beautiful children. Tommy and Ellie attend Marble Falls Elementary and Victoria will soon follow in their footsteps. Ms. Solorzano said, “Marble Falls ISD has my heart and dedication because this is my family. We are a small-town community with a small-town feel.”


Dr. Gasaway said, “These ambassadors spent their formative educational and character-building years within the halls of Marble Falls ISD schools. They have taken what educators poured into them and have blessed our community with their leadership.”