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Board of Trustees signs voucher opposition resolution

Signed Resolution Opposing Vouchers

April 18, 2023

Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approves resolution opposing vouchers, education savings accounts, taxpayer savings accounts, taxpayer savings grants, and other mechanisms that reduce public education funding


During a regularly scheduled Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, April 17, 2023, a resolution was unanimously passed opposing mechanisms that reduce public education funding. In this resolution, the Board of Trustees “calls on the Texas Legislature to reject any diversion of public dollars to private entities in the form of education savings accounts and similar voucher schemes.”


This resolution, signed by all members of the Board, will be delivered to our District 19 state representative, Ellen Troxclair, to be shared with state legislators.


Kevin Naumann, President of the Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees, said, “We are here to love and inspire ALL children. We accept every student into our public schools to provide a free education while adhering to state-mandated academic and financial accountability standards. Public schools are the backbone of our communities and a cornerstone of our freedom. They protect parental rights, students receiving special education services, and provide vital services to children enduring all kinds of hardships in the home. The system is designed to protect, provide for, and defend the freedom and God-given, fundamental human rights that set this country apart from the rest of the world. In a time where we are already challenged by state overreach and a broken Robin Hood financial system, vouchers further divert local community resources toward more areas with no oversight and no local control. Vouchers do not protect parents or children - they undermine the public education system."


The Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees passed this resolution as the 88th Texas Legislature is in session, and the House and Senate have conflicting support on parental choice and voucher programs.


Naumann added, “It is important we make our voices heard. Our elected officials need to hear from the people they represent; we need to tell them we support public education and expect taxpayer funds to stay in public schools.”


Should you want your voice to be heard, contact your state legislators to share your stance on vouchers.