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2019-20 PWCP Excess Contribution Refund

2019-20 PWCP Excess Contribution Refund

Partnered with Public Worker’s Compensation Program (PWCP), Marble Falls ISD’s commitment to protect district employees through safety education, employee wellness, and district security results in an Excess Contribution Refund (ECR) in the amount of $17, 825.

Working Together, Marble Falls ISD and PWCP have implemented loss prevention initiatives that work to protect employees and reduce workers’ compensation injuries. These initiatives, such as employee wellness campaigns, shoes and boots for district auxiliary staff and loss prevention recognition programs, have resulted in savings that allow for funds to be redirected to support Marble Falls ISD.

This will be the 14th consecutive year that PWCP’s financial results and successful mitigation of workers’ compensation claims have allowed for the return of dollars that ultimately impact classrooms and fiscal budgets. It is with great responsibility that PWCP and Members seek to provide the lowest long-term cost while also prioritizing the prevention and care of employee worker’s compensation claims.

PWCP is managed and administered by Edwards Risk Management, Inc. in Marble Falls, Texas.