• What is the cost to families for the Mobile Learning Device Program?

    Just as there is no cost to students for textbooks unless lost or damaged, there is no cost to students for the device unless lost or damaged.

    Does the District offer an insurance program?

    Yes. The District offers families an option of purchasing our device insurance plan to cover any damages, but it does not cover lost or stolen devices. The cost of insurance is $20 for both Middle School and High School. Cost is based on the value of the device issued. It may be paid at the time of registration, when the laptop is picked up, or online using a credit card at the link below. Full details about the insurance program can be found at:

    High School & Middle School -
    Additional Insurance Information (English): HERE
    Additional Insurance Information (Spanish): HERE

    Will the wireless network handle all of the devices?

    Yes. The wireless network has been upgraded in recent years to increase speed and capacity. All students can access the District’s wireless network to use portable computing devices. The wireless network has the same filters the student computer network has and all District Acceptable use policies apply to use of the wireless network.

    Can I suggest new Apps for the devices?

    We encourage students and teachers to share suggestions for enhancing the educational use of their devices. Please contribute to the conversation by making suggestions on the district’s website.