District Educational Improvement Committee

  • Site-Based Decision Making

    Marble Falls ISD has an established site-based decision-making committee at the district level to advise the administration on educational goals and objectives. This committee is known as the District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC). The committee includes representatives from professional staff, parents of students enrolled in the district, business representatives, and community members.  Two levels of site-based decision-making teams function within the district:

      • District-level: District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC)
      • Campus-level: Campus Educational Improvement Committee (CEIC)

    The construct and utilization of the DEIC and CEICs, are in accordance to the Texas Education Code, Legal/Local Policy, and written administrative regulations.

    Role of the DEIC

    The DEIC was established to advise the administration in the following roles:

    • Establish and review the district's educational goals and objectives;
    • Review major district-wide instructional programs identified by the board or superintendent;
    • Analyze dropout rates, dropout prevention plans, and graduation rates;
    • Approve staff development of a district-wide nature; and
    • Serve exclusively in an advisory role.

    Purpose of the DEIC

    • Be involved in establishing and reviewing the district educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs;
    • Assist in establishing the administrative regulations that define the respective roles and responsibilities of those involved in the planning and decision-making at the district and campus levels;
    • Address all pertinent federal planning requirements;
    • Assist the administration annually in preparing, reviewing, and revising the District Improvement Plan;
    • Analyze the district dropout rates, dropout prevention plans and graduation rates;
    • Hold one public meeting annually after receipt of the district-level performance report to discuss the performance and the performance objectives;
    • Advise district staff regarding the discipline management program including the student code of conduct;
    • Participate in the development of, and approve, district-wide staff development;
    • Be involved in the development of the appraisal process and performance criteria for teachers and administrators;
    • As appropriate, provide written comments on requests for waivers submitted to TEA


    DEIC Members

    Click here for a list of the 2021-2022 DEIC Members

    DEIC Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

    Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, DEIC met jointly with the District of Innovation (DOI) Committee.


    Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
    15-Sep-21 9.15.21 Agenda 9.15.21 Minutes
    13-Oct-21 10.13.21 Agenda 10.13.21 Minutes
    3-Nov-21 11.3.21 Agenda 11.3.21 Minutes
    1-Dec-21 12.1.21 Agenda 12.1.21 Minutes
    12-Jan-22 1.12.22 Agenda 1.12.22 Minutes
    16-Feb-22 2.16.22 Agenda 2.16.22 Minutes
    5-Apr-22 4.5.22 Agenda 4.5.22 Minutes

    If you have an item/issue/concern/suggestion you would like placed on the agenda for the campus or district decision-making committee (CEIC/DEIC), please email Yarda Leflet at yleflet@mfisd.txed.net  Your active participation in making Marble Falls ISD a better program of services for all students is always appreciated.

    Si usted tiene un asunto/ preocupación/ sugerencia que quiere poner en el orden del día del comité de decisiones de la escuela o del distrito (CEIC/DEIC), a la atención de Yarda Leflet a yleflet@mfisd.txed.net  Siempre le agradecemos su ayuda para hacer el distrito de Marble Falls un mejor programa de servicios para todos los estudiantes.