• Vision Statement:
    Marble Falls ISD has an unyielding commitment  to love every child and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential.

    Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Marble Falls ISD is to inspire and empower all students to lead extraordinary lives and embrace the possibilities of the 21stcentury through relevant, engaging learning experiences led by inspirational and nurturing educators.

    District Goals:
    Academic Achievement:
    The District will ensure academic performance and achievement levels reflect excellence in learning and attainment of both high expectations and high standards.

    Leadership Development:
    The District will identify and invest in the continuous development of leaders who will inspire and support others to improve student achievement.

    Communications and Community Relations:
    The District will foster a culture of trust by providing accurate, timely, and interactive communication to all stakeholders and by encouraging parents, students, and the community at-large to be involved in our schools.

    Safe and Healthy Environment:
    The District will provide a safe and healthy environment conducive to student learning.

    Human Capital:
    The District will recruit, hire, develop, and retain highly qualified and effective personnel.

    Financial and Operations Management:
    The District will exercise fiscal responsibility to maintain financial strength and provide the financial resources for educational programs.