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Rick Edwards and Family
Rick Edwards School Board

    Rick Edwards, a local businessman and active community member, dedicated his life to serving Marble Falls. He served Marble Falls ISD on the Board of Trustees over the years from 2009 until 2022 when he passed away. The respect he garnered from his colleagues inspired them to elect him Board President from 2011-2017. : “Mr. Edwards was a servant leader in our community who dedicated himself to helping create success in those around him.” as said by MFISD Superintendent Dr. Jeff Gasaway. He was passionate about his community, primarily the work of schools in the lives of children. He believed in investing in the well-being of children as individual human beings with hopes and dreams, as well as the systems that nurture safety and intellectual achievement. Rick valued his work greatly on the School Board and the work of making Marble Falls one of the greatest places to live and raise children. He served with the vision, “Children are the living message we send to a time we may not see.” As giving and community were part of Mr. Edward’s nature, he would be proud to see his legacy continue in a way that blends guiding Marble Falls students in learning the importance of service while working together to benefit our community as a whole.


    In an effort to love and serve our community in cooperation with the Highland Lakes Crisis Network, the Rick Edwards Day of Service will bring all of our campuses together to move “onward and upward” as a community. From our youngest learners to our teenagers about to set out into the world on their own, every student has the ability to serve for the greater good in some capacity.


    All MFISD students will have the opportunity to participate. Our youngest learners will serve in the classroom through activities such as making cards, writing letters, drawing pictures and assembling care packages. Secondary students will serve outside of the classroom at areas such as non-profits, parks, and local businesses.


    We aim to love and inspire our students every day and want to instill a spirit of love and inspiration in others. Community service is an important way to develop character and contribute to the greater good of society; we want every student to experience that feeling of working together to make a difference. We hope these acts of service will create a ripple effect of love and service to carry on the legacy of Rick Edwards.