Parents/Guardians and 7th grade students,

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 at MFMS! I am so excited for your 7th grade student to be working with me every school day as writers and readers! One of our goals is to foster a love of reading, and this includes student choice in their independent reading. Students will always have an independent book to read from the library or something from home, and they are required to read at home for 25 minutes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (there is no homework on Wednesday). In addition, we will be reading two novels this year to discuss in group work. Literature circles this fall will allow students to select from a menu of selected titles, and in these smaller settings they will be allowed to further explore learning objectives and read for pleasure.

    This year we will create a Google Portfolio project that we work on all year long, it will help us showcase and monitor how we are growing as writers and readers. We will continue our campus-wide initiative of writing in response to reading in all of your classes, and we will strengthen and enhance the skills you learned last year. We endeavor to go much deeper in our texts, we will be questioning and annotating after our first read. Be prepared to fall in love with reading and writing, if you are not already, this year will mark a huge change in your thinking!

    I am so excited to be part of your educational journey, let's come back ready to be the best Mustangs that we can be! 

     Mrs. Kristi Gratehouse

    email:  kgratehouse@marblefallsisd.org