Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'M POSSIBLE!

  • Thanks for stopping by, I am so thrilled to be your student's ART teacher! 

    To introduce myself, my name is Alysia Waller and I am a born and raised TEXAN, but I've been in Austin for 10 years. This will be my third year of teaching, but my second year to be in Marble Falls ISD. Kailyn and Gage are my two littles that attend Spicewood Elementary just like you. I have a hound dog named Gunnar, his tounge is too big for his mouth so it looks like he's constantly sticking it out at you. When I'm not teaching, you can find me hanging out with my family. We like traveling and doing many activities outdoors such as fishing, paddleboarding, and riding our bikes. I love having fun and being goofy at times. 

    I graduated from Concordia right here in Austin. When I was younger I went to school in an area where most kids didn't think school was important which made me feel like going to school was a waste of time and I started to hate going to school. After my daughter started school I realized that I didn't want any student to feel the way I did. You are here for a reason, you are more than capable and you are really can be anything you want to be. 

    Creativity is limitless and through art I hope to inspire this into the hearts of all children. We also have a SWE goal to be the kindest school in the world. I want my students to not only love art, but to challenge their imagination and developing skills each time they're in my class. I look forward to seeing each and every student, this year truly will be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!


  • Funny how things happen...

    Posted by Alysia Waller on 8/14/2018

    Last year during the homecoming parade I held this sign. I had almost forgotten about the picture until the end of the year when I was cleaning old files off my computer. I had already gotten the job as the art teacher, but I had to sit back and smile. Who knew a picture could tell you the future! Parade

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