Jase Sutton - AP/on level World History, Dual Credit U.S. History

My wife Emma and I at the Alamo earlier this year!
  • Email: jsutton@marblefallsisd.org

    Room: 206

    Phone: (830) 693-4375, ext. 8206



    1st period = AP World

    2nd period = AP World

    3rd period = AP World

    4th period = World History

    5th period = Dual Credit U.S. history

    6th period = PLC

    7th period = Dual Credit U.S. history

    8th period = Conference 

  • Jase Sutton has taught at Marble Falls High School since 2017.  He holds a B.A. and M.A. in History.  His passion is guiding students on quests for greater knowledge of world and U.S. history.