• Teachers can make a major difference in a child's life, and without the aid of one of my former Elementary teacher, I would have never discovered my life long passion for learning, giving back to my community, and passion for educating young minds. Texas Tech University was an excellent choice for me to attend and to earn a degree in Elementary Education. I have been apart of this community for twenty four years, and which I attended all the local schools and was involved in various activities with the student council, PALS, soccer, volleyball, and CNA.   I believe that learning is essential for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves and become an active citizen, role model for their communities. I want to pass on my passion for being a life time learner to my students so that one day they will impact our world in unimaginable ways. Everyone can become anything they wish, and with the aid of a positive education they will be the best they can.

    My philosophy of teaching is based on my belief that learning is student centered and providing the skills for students to become lifelong learners. The role I play uses my knowledge and expertise in putting together the necessary resources and skills the students need to succeed in their continuing education and life. 

    As a teacher, my goal is to model and incorporate different methods to ensure the students are successful. My lessons allow for me to differentiate, be flexible, rigorous, allow and ensure creation and exploration. I want my students to know that I am there to support and encourage them as they work through the content independently and in cooperative groups. I present the content to my students using their schema, real world examples, and hands-on exploration. As I scaffold and incorporate technology in the classroom, will not only keep the students engaged but also prepared to think outside the box and use prior knowledge. 

    A teacher should be versatile, passionate, reflective, and consistent. Using multisensory instruction will engage and nurture students in their own personalized learning. With continued professional development, informative and formative assessments, community involvement, and parental communication will ensure I am teaching my students at my fullest capabilities. I feel as a teacher the students have a continued growth mindset, engaged, supported, and secure while in my classroom. 

    Ignacio Estrada said “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” We are there to ensure our students will be successful and that is ensuring. We as teachers are providing them with the specific tools they need to do so. A teacher should never assume all of their students will learn at the same rate and the same way, because that is what makes each and every single student unique, their personal abilities to learn that they feel successful in doing. 



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