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    This is my sixteenth year teaching Art at Marble Falls Middle School and I have loved every minute. Why? Because my students make every day a good day!

    I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with honors, earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies. I am presently two courses shy of a Masters in Counseling from Texas State University in San Marcos. Along with being a teacher, I am a freelance professional artist. In fact, you can see many of my creations painted on the school hallways.  

    Why teach Art? One of my strongest personality traits is a drive to help others.  I was led to teach Art because of a discovered avenue of communication. Growing up with dyslexia, it was hard for me to communicate with others written and verbally. Visual Art opened up a whole new world for me where I could say whatever I wanted. I could create my own world. I wanted to share this opportunity with everyone. I also have a passion and curiosity for learning new things. Art is where every subject converges. 

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  • About Art 

     If your curious about taking Art, peruse the resources below for more information. Some information is generalized to address all art classes offered at Marble Falls Middle School While other informations specifically addresses my Art classes in particular. 

    For specific details about my Art classes please read the Syllabus. It has everything you need to know ... and then some.  

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    Course Catalogue Class Description 

    MS Art Level 3 (8th grade)

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    MS Art Level 2 (7th or 8th grade)

     Art 2

    MS Art  Level 1 (6th, 7th, or 8th grade)

    Art 1


About Ms. Olfers & MS Art Class