About the Teacher

  • Welcome to Ms.Olfers' Middle School Art III (8th Grade)

    & Art II (7th Grade)

     I have been teaching at Marble Falls Middle School for eleven years and have loved every minute. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Visual Art Studies and am presently two courses shy of a Masters in Counceling from Texas State University in San Marcos. Along with being a teacher, I am a freelance professional artist. In fact you can see many of my creations within the halls of our school.  I am one of the two artists responsible for the design and creation of many of the murals seen within Marble Falls Middle School. 

    Why teach Art? One of my strongest personality trait is a drive to help others and share what I know.  I was lead to teach Art because of a discovered avenue of communiication. Growing up with Dyslexia, it was hard for me to communiicate with others written and verbally. Art opened up a whole new worder for me where I could say what ever I wanted. I could create my own world. I wanted to share this with everyone.  

    Class Room: A104   


    Before School (7:30 - 8:00): M, T, TH

    After School (3:45 - 4:45): By Appt. Only


    Course Schedule                                    Bell Schedle                     Classroom Code

    1st period: MS Art II (7th Grade)              08:07 - 09:00

    2nd Period: MS Art III (8th Grade)            09:04 - 09:57

    3rd Period: Advisory (7th grade)              10:01 - 10:30                        avzbwo5

    Lunch (7th grade)                                   10:30 - 11:00

    4th Period: MS Art II (7th Grade)             11:04 - 11:57

    5th Period: Conference                            12:01 - 12:54

    6th Period: MS Art II (7th Grade)             12:58 - 01:51   

    7th Period: MS Art III (8th Grade)            01:55 - 02:48

    8th Period: MS Art III (8th Grade)            02:52 - 03:45




    8x10 Spiral Sketchbook

    A pack of 8 -10 pencils

    An eraser (daily)

    A sharpener (daily)


    1 Ultra Fine Sharpie

    1 Fine Tipped Sharpie

    Colored Pencils


    Other materials and supplies will need to be

     purchased throughout the year.