• My name is Heather Rodgers, and I'm a life-long Mustang. I grew up in Marble Falls, graduated from MFHS in 1996, and came back to teach at MFMS in 2003. This will be the start of my 15th year in MFISD. I'm the Reading Lab teacher, so I work with students to improve their reading skills, and help raise STAAR test scores for the STAAR reading test. The very best part of my job is getting to serve the community I grew up in, by working with kids of families in town. My job ROCKS!

    My parents were educators in the district until they retired. My kids go to school within the district, too. My daughter is in 6th grade at MFMS, and my son is a 9th grader. My family loves the lake, and many weekends you can find us on Lake Marble Falls- either boating, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

     I believe in motivating students to do their best. I believe there is always room for improvement, and I believe that together- you, me, and the students can do tough things.

    Be respectful.

    Be responsible.

    Be safe.