• Hello there and welcome to my webpage!

    I want to start by saying how excited I am to be starting my third year with MFISD. McAllen, Texas is my home town and sits about five hours south from here. A little new fact about me, I am a newlywed and my new last name is Ertter (pronounced exactly the way it's spelled). I graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American, now known as University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley, with a Bachelors of Science with an emphasis in Kinesiology and History minor. After college I taught in Houston, and then my husband and I were blessed with an opportunity to teach here. History has always been a passion of mine, which is the reason why I love to travel all over the world.

    Another passion of mine is sports. Growing up I was involved in basketball, shot and disc, powerlifting and cheerleading. In 2007, I placed 3rd at the Texas High School Womens Powerlifting Association State Championship and broke a state record in deadlift. I also served as cheerleading captain for two years on the JV and Varsity teams.

    This year is going to be great and I am honored to be your childs teacher. We will focus on expanding our vocabulary that will help us better understand the stories, structure, and importance of historical events and implications. We will dive into countries from all over the world and study their culture, governmental and economical make up, and educational systems. Students will engage in group projects, cooperative lessons, and hands on activities. The main three supplies needed for my class is a 2" binder, map color pencils, and writing paper. Tissue boxes are always welcome, especially during the colder months! If you ever have any questions or praises, please feel free to email at BVillarreal@mfisd.txed.net or call the school to contact me. Emails are preferred since they are connected to my personal phone.


    Thank you and GO MUSTANGS!!

    Ms. Bianca Villarreal- Ertter

    6th Grade World Cultures

    7th/8th Grade Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field