Hello My Name Is...

    Roger Barr

    Roger Barr

    I believe the following to be true:

    Tradition + Pride + Hard Work = Success!
    Mustang Pride Begins with You!
    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!
    We Are Family!
    Dream Big!
    We Are Marble Falls!

    I believe that Reading is a fundamental and important academic and life-skill.  
    Please support your student in reading a minimum of 20 minutes per day.  Please help ensure your student has a book to read every day while at school in addition to their school textbooks.  The book or reading material can be over a topic that interests your student - help them find something that they like to read.  Studies repeatedly show that students who read 20 minutes a day or more are more likely to be successful in school and also go on to be highly successful over the course of their lifetimes.

    Thank you for visiting this webpage! Come out and be an active part of MFMS Mustang life!

    "Be the change you wish for the world." - Ghandi