Immunizations/Health Services Information

  • All MFISD students

    When to keep your child home from school:

    Fever greater than 100.0, active vomiting, and/or diarrhea - may return to school once fever free for 24-36 hours without fever reducing medication.     

    For example, if child is sent home on a Tuesday for fever greater than 100.0., they are not to return to school until at least Thursday.  They stay home the day they were sent home and the day after.  Then, the student may return after fever free for 24 hours with no medication.

    Any questions or concerns - please contact your campus nurse.

    Bonnie Meek, RN - Spicewood Elementary - 830-798-3675
    Brandi Maas, RN - Marble Falls Elementary - 830-693-2385
    Heather Duty, LVN - Colt Elementary - 830-693-3474
    Bethany Sieckmann, RN - Highland Lakes Elementary - 830-798-3650
    Donna Forest , RN - Marble Falls Middle School - 830-693-4439
    Celena Crawford , RN - Marble Falls High School - 830-693-4375