• Regarding requests from city offices, engineers, and area contractors for information on Bilingual Education Program (BEP) participation which prompts requirements to post public notices in Spanish, please review the following district information:

    1. Marble Falls ISD offers a bilingual Spanish program at the following elementary campuses: Colt Elementary and Highland Lakes Elementary. We are not currently required to offer this program at any other campus.

    2. Marble Falls ISD has students enrolled in an English as a Second Language (ESL) program at the following campuses: Colt Elementary, Highland Lakes Elementary, Marble Falls Elementary, Spicewood Elementary, Marble Falls Middle School, and Marble Falls High School.

    3. Marble Falls ISD has allowed transfers for bilingual education participation from the following campuses: Spicewood Elementary and Marble Falls Elementary. These eligible students receive transportation to a BEP at a participating campus.

    Questions may be directed to:  Soor-el   Puga, Director of Bilingual/ESL Programs & Migrant Services
    email: spuga@mfisd.txed.net  phone: 830-693-4357 ext. 1120