• How to Become a Million Word Club Member:

    Read, Read, Read! 

      Start in August!  Don't wait!  

    Millionaire Day Recipients must have a 90% overall average, reading independently within their independent reading zone, and have at least 1,000,000 words documented within the AR Program.


    Library Reading Incentives:

    The AR Program helps to keep track of the amount of words each student has accumulated, overall average, and if the student has reached the goal set per 9 weeks.  Parents and students can use Home Connect,  found in the Library's "Resource Links," to keep up with their child's progress: both the overall average and word count!

    "Book Club" for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students! This club is not based on the AR program, nor independent reading. It is a Home/School Connection, encouraging family reading. Once a Kindergarten student is ready for independent reading s/he will enter into the AR system. Both programs will work together, seamlessly. Additionally, each student will receive a Brag-Tag along the way for each celebrated level toward the book goal. Once you reach books read, you will receive a T-shirt to wear proudly showcasing your accomplishment!  

     "Word Club" The Word Club is for all Colt students who participate in reading books within their ZPD, take and pass AR test with 80% or higher on each quiz, and earn the required grade level word count! Students must read books in their “Independent Reading Zone” at home or school, take and pass AR tests. S/he will receive a Brag-Tag along the way for each celebrated level toward the grade level word count goal. Once you reach the grade level word count with 80% or higher on each quiz, you will receive a T-shirt to wear proudly showcasing your accomplishment, and get recognized during a School Assembly!         (students will only receive one t-shirt for his or her grade level)

    Rise Up Readers incentives

    • 100 Books Kinder Club
    • 10,000 Words 1st Grade Club
    • 100,000 Words 2nd Grade Club
    • 250,000 Words 3rd Grade Club
    • 500,000 Words 4th Grade Club
    • 750,000 Words 5th Grade Club

     "Word Club"  The Word Club utilizes the AR program, with word counts starting over each school year. Awards are given based on students independently reaching each word count goal, an 80% overall average, and reading in their ZPD.   Basically, books students check out, read, & take an AR quiz on within their independent reading zone.  Each Grade Level can also decide on and hand out word count prizes, and display their students' names. 
                  READY ~ SET ~ READ and achieve.

    District-wide Million Word End~of~Year Celebration:
    Million Word Recipients must have a 90% overall average, read independently within their reading zone, AND have at least 1,000,000 words documented within the AR Program by the cut-off date to participate in the End~of~Year Celebration in May. 

    [IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE: All books have been returned and all fines paid.]

    Come join the LITERACY fun in the CES Library!
    READY ~ SET ~ READ!!!!!

    * T-Shirts, Brag Tags, Spirit Sticks
    * Pumpkin Book Characters
    * Literati Book Fair- Sept/Oct. and Literati Book Fair - March
    * Learning With Quilts -
    * Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program
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