• Mission Statement

    The Horizons Program in MFISD:

    • Exists to meet the social, emotional and cognitive needs of an identified student population through individualized instruction, enrichment, and extension (Mission)
    • Will offer opportunities for students to explore and enrich their giftedness in core subjects and fine arts (Vision)
    • Will provide unique learning opportunities that celebrate:
                  *Individuality     *Creative Thinking     *Critical Thinking     *Self Discovery  (Values)

    Program Objectives

    1. Identify and serve the Gifted and Talented student areas of:
                  *general intellectual ability     *creativity     *advanced academic achievement
    2. Provide exemplary units of study that both challenge and engage all identified students both intellectually and creatively
    3. Train students in higher order thinking skills, research skills, decision making, problem-solving and reasoning
    4. Assist classroom teacher in the process of differentiation for each identified student
    5. Address the social and emotional needs of identified students through locally developed affective curriculum
    6. Provide students opportunities for learning outside of the regular school day
    7. Encourage and model lifelong learning