• Dr. Chris Allen

    A message from the Superintendent........ 

    I want to thank you for your interest in the Marble Falls Independent School District.  We are very proud of the educational experience we provide our children.  Our vision states that "Marble Falls ISD has an unyielding commitment to love every child and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential". This statement was created by our Board of Trustees and speaks to the culture in the Marble Falls community.  We believe our students’ success is due to the commitment and teamwork of our parents, teachers, community members, and administrators to love and inspire all students to lead extraordinary lives and embrace the possibilities of the 21st century through relevant, engaging learning experiences led by inspirational and nurturing educators.

    The heart of service put forth by all District stakeholders is a testament to our philosophy of creating and maintaining a student-centered environment.  We are focused on student achievement through instruction that is thoughtfully aligned to a rigorous curriculum that develops the whole child.  Our Board of Trustees is committed to assuring student success by providing cutting edge educational and extracurricular tools, equipment, and facilities for our students. 

    We dedicate ourselves to helping our students gain the education and experiences necessary to realize their dreams and be prepared for today’s competitive environment.  Our most precious loved ones - our children - deserve nothing less than the best.

    If I can be of service to anyone interested in Marble Falls ISD, please do not hesitate to call (830-693-4357) my office.  Again, welcome to the Marble Falls Independent School District.