•  2024-2025 NEW Student Transfer Information  

    Thank you for your interest in the student transfer process for Marble Falls ISD.  Please read all information carefully then scroll down to the bottom of this page for Student Transfer Requirements and Transfer Request Form. 

    COLT ELEMENTARY- Colt Elementary is not accepting any New to MFISD transfer requests for the 24-25 School Year.  Exception-New students that have a sibling already at Colt Elementary as an approved transfer and/or a parent that is a staff member at Colt Elementary will be considered space permitting. 
    PRE-K 3, PRE-K 4 AND KINDERGARTEN AT ALL ELEMENTARY CAMPUSES- MFISD is not accepting New to MFISD transfer requests for students entering into PK3, PK4 and KINDER at any elementary campus .  Exception- PK3, PK4 and Kinder students that  have a sibling already at the requested elementary campus as an approved transfer and/or a parent that is a staff member at the requested elementary campus may be considered space permitting
    An application for transfer into the district does not necessarily mean the application will be approved. A student's attendance including tardies, discipline and academic records from last/current school year as well as staffing, campus/classroom space, falsification of information and any additional factors not prohibited by law as deemed relevant by the Superintendent could impact transfer approval. Approvals are for the current school year only and do not roll over into the next school year.

    Approval of a transfer student in one year creates no right or expectation that a student will be admitted as a transfer student in subsequent years due to violations of transfer criteria. Transfer approval decisions are made on a student-to-student basis according to the factors and restrictions noted above.  Please note,  transfer students must follow all rules and regulations of the district. Violating the terms of agreement may result in a transfer request being denied or revoked for the current school year or not being approved for the following school year.  Transportation to and from campuses will be the direct responsibility of the  parent or guardian.
    Please refer to the New Student Transfer Information link below for the list of required documents and other important details regarding transfers.