• Departing Employees

    The following information is to provide guidance for exit procedures for those concluding their employment at Marble Falls ISD.

    • Letter of Resignation

    An employee who is resigning must submit a letter of resignation to his/her supervisor. The letter should contain the following information: date of letter, effective date of resignation, state that the employee is resigning, and the employee’s signature. Please note: Letters of resignation may be viewed by the Board of Trustees and are part of the employee’s record.

    • Processing of Resignation 

    When a letter of resignation is received by a supervisor, the original letter is sent to the Human Resources Department and Human Resources will submit it to the Superintendent for acceptance.

    • Notification of Resignation Acceptance and Exit Forms

    Once the employee’s letter of resignation has been accepted by the Superintendent, the employee will receive an email from Human Resources. This email will provide further instructions, required exit forms, and a link to the exit survey. Your department and/or campus may have additional exit procedures.

    • Department Check-out

    Please use the “Department Checkout List” as a reference and tool to ensure completion of the exit procedures:

    The employee will be required to contact the following departments to coordinate a time for check-out:

    • Technology Department:
      • Appointments available June 1-4, 8am-4pm (contact Technology to schedule an appointment)
      • Return laptop, charger, and any other devices issued by the technology department
      • Paraprofessionals will need to contact Technology to confirm clearance from the department
    • Campus Administrator/Supervisor:
      • Return keys, ID Badge, and any other campus property
    • Transportation:
      • Return gate key and/or confirm clearance from the department
    • SPED:
      • Confirm clearance from the department
    • Human Resources Department:

    The Human Resources Department will contact Child Nutrition to confirm clearance from that department. You will be contacted with any questions or concerns regarding your account.

    **Please note that if the departing employee fails to complete the exit forms, meet with their supervisor, or designee, and/or return district property, their final paycheck will be printed and held at Central Office until the employee schedules an appointment to formally check out with Human Resources.**

    • Benefits

    Benefits will terminate on the last day of the month in which the final paycheck is processed.
    For all questions regarding benefits, please contact Elizabeth Almazan: ealmazan@mfisd.txed.net or ext. 1109.

    • Final Payment

    For all questions regarding final payment, please contact Stephanie Barry: sbarry@mfisd.txed.net or ext. 1106. *Please allow at least two weeks to post your termination date before requesting payoff information.

    • Retirees Only 

    If you are retiring through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), it is required that you contact TRS directly regarding the requirements for retirement. You may access their website via https://www.trs.texas.gov/Pages/Homepage.aspx or call 1-800-223-8778. Your separation is processed through MFISD, but your retirement is processed through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). TRS requires that specific questions related to your retirement be addressed directly by TRS. TRS Helpful Link: https://www.trs.texas.gov/Pages/active_member_planning_retirement.aspx