• Holocust Research Project

    If you have not yet logged in, please do so now. Click on the words "User Options" in the upper right portion of the screen and enter your user name and password.

    User Name:  LastName.FirstName

    Password:     Student # (Lunch #)

    Review the assignment handout that Mrs. Pond gave you during class (the Research Project is here for your convenience). When you are ready to begin your reasearch, click the link below.

  • Before searching, make sure you check the box next to "All Cross-Searchable Products" and then type in your search terms. Click the Search button.

    Notice your results are listed in categories across the top (below the search terms) as shown below. 


    Start filtering your results by choosing Subjects or Search Within. Continue filtering by making other selections as desired

    If you prefer a visual display of your results, click the "Start the Topic Finder" button.


    The visual display can show results using either tiles or a wheel. Just click the one your prefer. 

    Tiles Wheel

    Remember that you can highlight and take notes once you've opened an article. Just select the part that you want to highlight, then click either "Highlight" or "Notes" to annotate as you go. 

    Save the articles, highlights, and notes in your Google Drive or download them as a PDF file.

    Good luck on this project. If you need more help, please stop by the library and ask Ms. Clark for help.