ACE - Burnet Middle School

                  Burnet Middle School                    
1401 N. Main. Burnet, Texas 78611
School's Main Office Phone: 512-756-6182
Before School Program Hours:  7:00 am - 8:00 a.m.
After School Program Hours: Afterschool - 5:45 p.m.
Email address: wkeele
For ACE information call Wendy at: 512-715-5193


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For All Elementary ACE Campuses...

By completing the ACE Registration, you are indicating interest in your child participating in ACE for the 2016-2017 school year. Completion does not ensure enrollment in ACE.
Completando el siguiente de registro para ACE, están indicando interés en que su hijo participe en ACE para el año 2016-2017. Llenando este formulario no asegura la inscripción en ACE. 

You will be notified in writing once your child is accepted into the program. Because of limited space in some programs, students may have to be placed on a temporary waiting list. 
Se le notificara por escrito una vez que su hijo es aceptado en el programa. Debido al espacio limitado, en algunos programas, los estudiantes pueden tener que ser colocado en una lista de espera temporal. 

For All Middle and High School ACE Campuses...

After registering for ACE, all Middle and High School students can participate in the ACE program at any time - no written notification of acceptance to the program is necessary.   


BCISD ACE Hard Copy Forms:
ACE BCISD Registration Form 2016-17.pdf
ACE BCISD Registration Form 2016-17 SPANISH.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is the point of ACE?

  • To provide time for students to work on homework after school with teachers available to answer questions and hold tutorials.

  • Students must participate in academic and homework time before being allowed to take part in the enrichment activities.

  • Enrichment activities are not only an incentive to improve academic performance, but also their behavior, attendance rates, and rates of promotion.

 Where is ACE taking place?

  • All ACE registered students must come to the cafeteria down the hill promptly at 3:35pm to sign in and get their snack.

Can students still sign up?

  • Yes, a student can still pick up the registration forms in Mrs. Keele’s office and sign up. 

How are students getting home?

  • If a student is a car rider they can be picked up any time between 4:30-6:00pm, but bus riders will begin loading and departing at 5:45.

  • Students walking home must provide written approval from a parent to Mrs. Keele and must sign out before leaving.

What is my student participating in after school?

  • When school lets out at 3:35pm, students come straight to the cafeteria to get a snack and listen to announcements. Then from 3:50-4:30pm, students go to the PLC to work on homework, get help, study, and read. If a student needs additional help or is not finished with their homework, they stay in the PLC instead of going to an enrichment class so they can receive assistance until they finish! However, if a student has completed their work they can go to an enrichment activity from 4:35-5:35 pm.

  • Enrichment activities vary depending on the day, but include Babysitting/CPR class, Theater, Cooking, Art, Guitar, Cheer/Dance, Robotics, Drones, online engineering, soccer, board games, Just Dance & The Voice, Roller Coaster building and much more. Students have the opportunity to choose the classes they would like to attend for a 6-week period, at which time they can then choose and switch to something else.