Character Ed

Character Education


Character education is a curriculum focus for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Marble Falls I.S.D. selected the Character Counts curriculum to be used as a resource. Character Counts was developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics in 1992. We hope that homes and businesses will support this curriculum by posting the 6 Pillars of Character in your homes and businesses, using them as focal points for discussion, and by being models of these traits.


The students of Marble Falls are encouraged to embrace the spirit of kindness by reaching out to other students, family and community members. The elementary character education program has an overall focus of applying kindness in everyday school lessons and activities. The curriculum consists of 6 Pillars of character that are studied throughout the school year. They are:


RESPECT – 1st Six Weeks


  • ØTreat others with respect
  • ØFollow the Golden Rule
  • ØBe tolerant of differences
  • ØUse good manners
  • ØUse appropriate language
  • ØBe considerate of the feelings of others
  • ØDon’t threaten, hit, or hurt others
  • ØDeal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements




  • ØDo what your are supposed to do
  • ØPersevere
  • ØAlways do your best
  • ØUse self-control
  • ØBe self-disciplined
  • ØThink before you act
  • ØBe accountable for your choices




  • ØBe honest
  • ØDon’t deceive, cheat, or steal
  • ØBe reliable
  • ØHave the courage to do the “right” thing
  • ØBuild a good reputation
  • ØBe loyal by standing by your family, friend, and country


FAIRNESS – 4th Six Weeks


  • ØPlay by the rules
  • ØTake turns and share
  • ØBe open-minded by being a good listener
  • ØDon’t take advantage of others
  • ØDon’t blame others carelessly


CARING – 5th Six Weeks


  • ØBe kind
  • ØBe compassionate
  • ØShow you care
  • ØExpress gratitude
  • ØForgive others
  • ØHelp those in need


CITIZENSHIP – 6th Six Weeks


  • ØDo your share to make school and community better
  • ØCooperate
  • ØGet involved in community activities
  • ØStay informed
  • ØBe a good neighbor
  • ØObey laws and rules
  • ØRespect authority
  • ØProtect the environment